Franklin Graham on NYC field hospital: 'We're going to give the best health care we can to all New Yorkers'

Franklin Graham on NYC field hospital: 'We're going to give the ...

Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, joined "Hannity" Monday to discuss the 68-bed field hospital his Samaritan's Purse charity constructed in New York City's Central Park over the weekend to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
Graham said the hospital, set up across Fifth Avenue from Mount Sinai Hospital, is staffed by 70 physicians, nurses and other medical professionals who have donated their time and energy.
"This is what we do. We respond to crisis, whether it's Italy, whether it's Jonesboro, Ark., where [I am] tonight... or in Central Park," he said. "We have an incredible group of men and women that respond in Jesus' name when there's a crisis.

"We can treat just about anything that comes in there that we need to as far as their lungs are concerned," Graham went on. "This is a desperate situation, this coronavirus, and we've got people there that have experience dealing with infectious diseases."
Graham urged public figures to set political squabbles aside in the face of the terrible pandemic.
"This coronavirus is going to kill Republicans, it's going to kill Democrats, it's going to kill Independents, and we just need to work together for the better of this nation," he said.
"We're coming up on Easter and this is a great time to remind people that God loves us, He hasn't turned his back on us, and He sent his Son from Heaven to this Earth to take the sins of mankind, put our faith and trust in him," the North Carolinian added.
He told "Hannity" viewers that it is important to turn to God in times of crisis, and that the virus can be defeated with a united spiritual and political front.
"We're going to give the best health care we can to all New Yorkers, it doesn't matter who they are or what they are. We're going to give them the best medical care that we possibly can in Jesus' name."

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