Joe Biden: Obamacare ‘Most Important Human Right that Anyone Should Have’

Plan to Protect and Build on Obamacare | Joe Biden

Joe Biden told a small group of young people at a “Happy Hour” YouTube event on Wednesday that he believes Obamacare is “maybe the most important human right that anyone should have.”
“One of the proudest days of my career in the United States vice presidency was the day we passed Obamacare,” Biden said.
“You know, there’s over 100 million people with preexisting conditions,” he said, claiming, “They weren’t able to get insurance before; now they cannot be denied insurance.”
“Also, there’s 20 million people who never had health insurance before that have it now,” Biden said.

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“You’re able to stay on your parents’ policies now until you’re 26 years old, which is vitally important to a generation,” he added.
“And so to me, it is, maybe, the most important human right that anyone should have and that is to be able to take care of your own,” Biden said.
The candidate said his healthcare plan is to “restore the cuts” to Obamacare and “further subsidize it.”
He said he will “significantly drive down drug prices, significantly drive down costs,” though he did not provide specifics.

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