155 sailors on USS Theodore Roosevelt test positive for coronavirus, 42 percent of all Navy infections

155 sailors on USS Theodore Roosevelt test positive for ...

At least 155 sailors on the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Navy’s latest update.
They account for 42 percent of all cases among all U.S. sailors worldwide.
The Navy said only about 1,500 sailors have so far been removed from the carrier, which has a crew of 5,000. Earlier this week, Navy brass promised 2,700 would be ashore by now.

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About 44 percent of the crew have received coronavirus tests so far. None of the crew members who tested positive have required hospitalization.

The vessel’s commanding officer was relieved of duty earlier this week after he was accused of leaking a letter to the media that went "outside the chain of command," pleading for help after more than 100 sailors on board tested positive for the coronavirus.
Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said he removed the carrier’s commander, Capt. Brett Crozier, because his letter "created panic on the ship" and "misrepresented the facts."
"It unnecessarily raised alarms with the families of our sailors and Marines with no plan to address those concerns," Modley said at a press conference Thursday. "It raised concerns about the operational security and operational capability of that ship that could have emboldened our adversaries to seek advantage and it undermined the chain of command."
The outbreak aboard the carrier prompted it to dock in Guam last month.
Crozier wrote a letter to senior military officials, which was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle and published Tuesday.
In the letter, Crozier warned that “if we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset -- our sailors.”
Modly said he didn't mind Crozier raising the issue, but "it was the way in which he did it."
The USS Theodore Roosevelt's crew made a strong show of support for Crozier as he disembarked.

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Videos show hundreds of Navy members gathered on the carrier’s hangar deck to cheer for him as he walked off the vessel in Guam, hours after his dismissal.
Crozier may face further disciplinary action, the acting Navy secretary said.

Total U.S. cases of the coronavirus surpassed 300,000 on Saturday, with at least 8,162 deaths.

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