Adam Schiff paid witnesses over $40 Millions to testify against Trump

More corruption from the Democrats today as reports from Capitol Hill suggest that Shifty Adam Schiff has not only been leading an illegal coup against the President, but paying the witnesses with taxpayer dollars. According to our source inside the Congressman’s office, the treachery goes far beyond mere bribery:
“We have almost gathered the proof necessary to go public to the mainstream media about what’s really going on here. Schiff and the Dems have been paying witnesses huge amounts of money to testify against Trump.
“Gordon Sonderland, for example, is said to have received $11 million in tax breaks and corporate welfare last year, which we are sure we can tie to Schiff’s office somehow.
“Anita Hill was approached on Friday by Jon Stewart, who is known to stick his nose into politics where it doesn’t belong to help people he thinks are ‘needy’ when actually it’s all just a scam, according to our one guy.
“As for the others, it looks like if you add up all the bribes, lobsters, free cars, rides to the mall, and authentic Swatches, we the people have racked up nearly $41 million in ‘impeachment expenses.’ We can’t offer our proof just yet, otherwise Deep State Operatives might get their hands on it and start disappearing people.”

The Clintons, Obamas, and even the Bush family are said to have a hand in the treason on the Hill. Once the newly formed Committee to Undermine Nine Traitors begins its own hearings, that might change. For now, we’ll just have to keep doing what we’re doing: Refusing to listen to the evidence presented against Trump and supporting him no matter what crimes are uncovered.
That’s how true patriots will make sure this great man stays in office. Make no mistake. We will win by any means.

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