AOC: ‘If Old People Die, Social Security Will Be There for Us’

According to the Dunning-Kruger Times, AOC told a group of her supporters that the current emergency may end up being a blessing for social security. She went on to say:
“Look, it’s a terrible situation, but at least most of the victims are the bad ones, you know. These old people, they don’t even know what’s going on anymore, they just needed to go. They are hogging all the resources and with them now gone, social security may still be able to survive for us. The program didn’t have enough money for this many people and this purge is very good for our socialistic agenda.”

Many Democrats agreed with her assessment, some even going as far as saying that the government should not provide medical care for people over 65, as the more that perish, the better for social security in the future.

Republicans Senator Joe Barron condemned these remarks:
“The Democrats are sick in the head. Seniors paid into this system. If the system runs out of funds, we can just cut the education and medical budget like we always do. The military budget stays though.
I’m tired of seeing these Democrats only look out for themselves and what they can get for free from the government. They shouldn’t expect to receive social security since it’s a privilege, not a right.”
This just proves that Democrats are the party of death and destruction. They are selfish thinking they deserve the same benefits their parents got. This is the entitled millennial mindset that is so prevalent on the left and it is an immediate threat to our nation. We must vote red always.

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