Democrats block small business aid in order to send checks to migrant workers.

Democrats always block bills that benefit the American people and the latest example of this in action is their blocking of the Business Aid Limited Loss Surplus Act, or BALLS Act. Pelosi said that this act is not needed, and migrant workers are the ones we should be helping instead.
Pelosi said this of the bill:
“This bill is cruel to our many migrant workers. Small businesses do not need our assistance since the Trump economy is doing so well. They will be back on their feet very soon. We need to focus on the migrant workers. This nation is nothing without them. They do so many important jobs, and without them, the economy would suffer greatly.
We will support the illegal immigrat in this country. They belong here and are now Americans.”
This is just more of what we’ve come to expect of Democrats. They want to block the BALLS Act just to help illegals. They don’t care about citizens.
Congressman Joe Barron of Wakanda, Michigan said he would vote against the Democrat Plan, saying that the plan is “Yeah, it’s the BALLS Act alright. It’s completely foolish and dumb as balls.” His constituents cheered his remarks and foamed at the mouth at the thought of being cruel to immigrants, as this is one of their main fetishes.
We hope the people come to their senses and vote red. We can’t go on with Democrats in power, caring only of illegals and showing contempt for real Americans.

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