Howard Stern Rages Against Trump, Says Supporters Should Drink Clorox and 'Drop Dead'

Radio shock jock Howard Stern, pictured at a 2015 "America's Got Talent" event.

If this is what Democrats are betting on, they’ve got a pretty weak hand.
Radio shock jock Howard Stern has spent decades using his platform to poison public discourse, but his Monday rant took his own standards to a new low – and it wasn’t just his Joe Biden endorsement.
In a typically foul-mouthed rant, the self-proclaimed “king of all media” advised President Donald Trump to resign from the White House, then invited Trump supporters to drink Clorox “and all drop dead.” (The link is available for listening at 
The reference, of course, was to a Trump news conference last week where he talked about the possibilities of light and disinfectants being used against the coronavirus.
He never suggested anyone drinking disinfectant, injecting disinfectant or anything of the kind – but the mainstream media are going to be working from now ‘til November to convince the American people he did. (Sort of like that fish tank cleaner story.)
Not surprisingly, Stern’s words were welcomed like sacred writ by the left end of the political spectrum, but the chance that the left end of the political spectrum is going to decide the 2020 presidential election died with Bernie Sanders’ primary hopes on Super Tuesday.
What former Vice President Joe Biden needs now is to appeal to the vast American middle, and it’s a good bet Howard Stern – New York-based flamethrower – isn’t going to help the cause.
Benny Johnson, chief creative officer for the conservative group Turning Point USA nailed the problem with the anti-Trump diatribe perfectly. (Warning: Some rough language in the video.)
Wow listen to what Howard Stern thinks about Trump supporters.

He says Trump should hold a big rally and have all of his followers essentially give eachother Coronavirus, drink disinfectant, and “drop dead”.

Who even jokes like this.


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Actually, the country already knows the answer to the question of “who even jokes like this?”
Democrats do, because no matter how unpredictable political life has been since Trump’s upset of Hillary Clinton in 2016, liberals celebrating the deaths of political opponents has been one steady factor.
There’s no doubt a certain, sick element of the population that enjoys that kind of thing, but most American voters want Americans have always wanted – a strong country, a strong economy, and a president who believes in both.
In Trump administration, it’s what they’ve got.

What Americans don’t want is more of what they’ve been getting from the left for the past four years – patronizing celebrities for whom Trump hatred is a virtue-signaling device to show they actually deserve their incredible wealth, and the idiotic adulation of their fans.
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