Many are also angry that the economies of the states are being forced to shut down to enforce social distancing. They are afraid that the solution being used to curtail the spreading of the virus is actually worse than the disease itself. The lockdown has caused a record spike in unemployment in the United States. The longer it continues, the more Americans will be affected by it. The protesters want the economy to be opened again so they can go back to work.
President Trump has voiced strong support for the people who are protesting. He said that some of the governors might have been carried away by the measures they have taken, and they have been a bit too harsh on some of the rules they imposed on their constituents. The President also made controversial tweets calling for the “liberation” of several states which are run by Democratic governors. Unsurprisingly, the Democrats are now saying that the tweets are the encouragement of right-wing behavior and very irresponsible.

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