Michael Moore Crosses Line With Video of Trump Dummy Getting Violently Punched and Kicked In Face

Filmmaker and propaganda merchant Michael Moore crossed the line with a new and very scandalous attack on President Trump.
One does wonder if the Secret Service needs to pay a visit to Moore’s house after his disgusting social media post.
Moore took issue with Trump’s “liberate Michigan” tweet by posting a video of people punching and kicking a Trump dummy at some protest. Nice, huh?
From Breitbart:
On April 17, President Trump tweeted an all caps call to “LIBERATE MICHIGAN.” It was a reply to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the autocratic Democrat whose arbitrary actions during this coronavirus pandemic brought out thousands to protest in the state capital. In response, the Bowling for Columbine director promoted acts of violence by posting a video of people punching and kicking a dummy made up to look like Trump.
Along with the violent video, Moore called for a party to be held at 8 PM on November 3. That would be Election Day, a night that Moore seems to presume will mean a loss for Trump’s re-election campaign.
In other posts Moore has gone all-in using the coronavirus as a political cudgel to beat President Trump over the last few months. For instance, Moore recently regurgitated the falsehood that Tump said “there’s nothing to worry about” when it comes to the coronavirus.
In another outburst, Moore exclaimed that Trump was dangerously making the coronavirus a “partisan” issue. Then, only last week, the Fahrenheit 9/11 director devoted the last segment of his podcast, Rumble with Michael Moore, to an attack against white men.
“Men — especially white men have a big responsibility to make amends for the Trump era,” Moore said on Thursday. “Those amends will happen. People will see the error of their way,” Moore accused.
November 3. Right around 8pm ET. Party’s at my place. All are welcome. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1251169217531056130 

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