Michelle Obama says, People believe her husband is president of the world

Michelle Obama said that individuals around the globe accept that her better half, previous President Obama, is the leader of the world.
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The Non-Family

The Non-Family

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The previous first woman offered the remarks a week ago at the Obama Foundation Summit at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
“There’s capacity in the choice of Jackson Park,” she stated, PJ Media detailed. “Barack and I don’t do things unexpectedly. That is to say, there’s a methodology.
“Hawaii needs it, since it’s likewise a monetary motor. It will be a visited presidential library, since it will be alive, it’s a first.
“It will be an asset. Furthermore, what preferred spot to put it over in our patio. Jackson Park resembles that juxtaposition of everything in our lives,” she said.
Envision the self image one must have to accept that their significant other, a previous president, is the leader of the whole world.
Yet, that is the thing that apparently the previous first woman has said and, in light of her announcement, it has all the earmarks of being what she accepts.
Are Democrats on a witch chase?
The remarks came at a similar occasion where she said that white individuals are running from dark individuals.
“As individuals questioned us coming through — ‘Would you say you are Princeton material? Can you truly measure up?’ Can you cut it?’” she said.

“What do you do in those occasions? Everything you can do is put your head down and accomplish the work and let the work, your fact, justify itself with real evidence,” she said.
It is arrogant to expect that each white individual fears dark individuals, however she takes it further by saying white individuals run from dark individuals.

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