Nancy Pelosi Forgets to Speak into Phone During Virtual Press Conference

Pelosi says she's done talking about fight with 'Squad' | TheHill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suffered technical malfunctions on Thursday when she forgot to speak into the phone during a conference call with reporters.
CSPAN broadcast the weekly Q&A, which was being conducted virtually this week.
A reporter asked Pelosi about remote voting, and the speaker answered, “The uh, again, we’re so consumed in addressing the tragedy that is befalling our country, the, um, chairman of the rules committee has been tasked … to what the options would be.”
She went on, “There is a constitutional requirement that we vote in person. There are some (inaudible) challenges that would have to be overcome even to consider it, and there are serious security issues involving … governed,” before her voice turned to white noise again.
Seconds later, she returned mid-thought.
“He also is considering … proxy voting,” she continued, as words were missing from her answer.
“… precedent… committee voting… voting… requires a rules change,” Pelosi said as the static won out over her words.
After several more seconds of white noise, Pelosi’s garbled words came through before an anonymous voice interjected, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, ma’am, can you please speak into the phone? We’re having trouble hearing you.”

“I’m sorry, oh,” Pelosi then said crisply. “Did you hear me talk about the challenges, constitutional security, and um, technological?”

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