Obama Says He Could Have Done a ‘Much Better Job’ than Trump

Majority says Obama would handle coronavirus better than Trump ...

In an exclusive interview with the Dunning-Kruger Times, former President Barack Obama gave his thoughts on the government’s handling of the current emergency. He criticized every aspect of the government response, especially President Trump’s inaction during the crisis.
President Obama had this to say:
“Let me be clear, this is the worst crisis this country has faced since 9/11. We need a leader that can rise to the occasion, and I don’t see that with our current so-called leader.
I could have done a much better job in handling this situation. I mean, he was calling it a hoax just a few weeks ago. It’s almost like he wants to kill of the elderly to reduce their burden on society? I wouldn’t put it past him. I think my friend Nancy should look into investigating this and impeaching again.”
This is a stunning criticism of our president. It is unheard of for one president to criticize another. President Trino has never said anything nasty or untrue about President Obama. Obama is just a typical nasty Democrat that has no real policy ideas, so he just resorts to name-calling. We are so lucky he or is ilk is no longer in power, for if they were, thousands of Americans would die in this crisis.
Senator Joe Barron has started a vote on the floor of Congress today to impeach Obama:
“It is unconstitutional for President Obama to criticize the current Commander-in-chief. As a result, I am calling for his impeachment. This is a most sacred duty I gave to defend the Constitution. Nothing else is more important at this time.”
It’s refreshing to see that at least Republicans stand up for the people and what’s important to them.

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