Pelosi’s Son Is Now Under The Microscope – His Ukraine Closet Swings Wide Open

Nancy Pelosi's Son Is Now Under The Microscope – His Ukraine ...

Nancy acts like she’s squeaky clean – well look what we have here!

Pelosi is pushing full steam ahead with impeaching Trump, but she may have ulterior motives.

Recently we reported on Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and not only his Ukrainian connections but also his possible U.S. tax debts of $300,000.

Now it looks like Pelosi herself may have a Ukrainian connection worth protecting by deflecting blame on Trump’s friendly phone call.

And it could be her own son on the hot seat very soon:

Wow, didn’t think anyone would find that, did you, Nancy?
It looks like lots of prominent Democrats have children making mountains of money as board members or executives of energy companies.

Which is pretty ironic since they want to go full wind and solar, putting traditional energy companies out of business.

Of course, what’s concerning here is it looks like Paul Pelosi Jr. met with Ukrainian government officials not too long ago to promote his company’s business.

Maybe something she should have disclosed before trying to impeach the President for having phone conversations with the same leaders?

Sounds fishy to me. Pelosi acts all squeaky clean, but she’s got her own past to hide.
And I think the American people would like to know more.

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Source: National File.

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