Sean Hannity: Gov. Cuomo, stop denying New Yorkers hydroxychloroquine

Sean Hannity: Gov. Cuomo, stop denying New Yorkers ...

Enough is enough. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to IMMEDIATELY lift his pharmacy ban that is forcing New Yorkers stricken by the coronavirus into an already overburdened hospital system to get the potentially life-saving drug hydroxychloroquine.
Because of an executive order issued by the Democratic governor, any new prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine must go through the already overrun hospital system. This makes no sense.
Sources tell me that Cuomo has access to MILLIONS of doses of hydroxychloroquine right now. The federal government has tens of millions of doses and has made millions of doses available to the New York governor.
I live on Long Island and many doctors are telling me that they want to prescribe this medication to their patients who test positive for COVID-19 – the disease caused by the coronavirus – but do NOT need the patient to come to a hospital. However, Cuomo’s executive order forbids pharmacies from filling the prescriptions.
The governor is creating a much bigger crisis in his state’s hospital system by denying New Yorkers THE CHOICE (in consultation with their doctors) to take this potentially life-saving medication.
Many doctors believe hydroxychloroquine is the best treatment option available for their patients. Why is Cuomo denying these ill New Yorkers this medication.
Just a few days ago Dr. Mehmet Oz was a guest on my show. I asked Dr. Oz about a randomized trial done by the Chinese that supports the potential benefit of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with COVID-19.
Dr. Oz told me: “This week when the controlled study came out, I thought there’d sort of be an embrace of it, because in only 62 patients they had statistically significant improvement with less fever, less coughing and improvement, significant improvement in pneumonia, all again statistically significant.
Dr. Oz added: “We should at least be opening our minds to this idea, especially when so many doctors choose it as their Number One option outside this country.”
It’s bad enough that Cuomo completely ignored the specific and clear recommendations of his own health care task force to purchase 15,783 ventilators that the task force said would be needed for a pandemic such as COVID-19. But now Cuomo is making the problem exponentially worse by forcing every patient testing positive for the coronavirus into the hospital system to get this pharmaceutical treatment.
This is a dereliction of duty. The governor is failing the people of New York AGAIN.
Release the medicine, Gov. Cuomo and let New Yorkers and their doctors decide! For some patients stricken with the coronavirus, this could be a matter of life and death.

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