Trump 2020! Supporters in Crete take to the streets for Trump

Crete Trump Rally Marks 7th Rally In Chain of 55 Set To Take Place

(Feb. 1, 2020) Almost 100 supporters of Donald Trump took to the streets today in Crete Illinois, a town of less than 9,000 30 miles south of Chicago. Folks from all walks of life, some as young as 9 year old including Sam Adams who came out to show his support for Trump. Some showed up wearing Donald Trump masks, others put on their Trump gear, held their signs or waved their flags. The event was organized by Brandon Harris of Freedom Movement USA, but several groups joined the rally to Keep America Great including #WalkAway Illinois and Log Cabin Republicans. During the heat of the primary season, it was wonderful to see these Republicans in a show of unity for our President.

If you haven't been to one of these Support Trump Rallies, come on out. It is an fun and encouraging event. There are chants of "Four more years" and cars beeping in support. Come out make new friends, meet up with old friends, buy some Trump gear and show President Trump that we are there for him. With all these supporters coming out of the woodwork, Illinois could be in play for Donald Trump. Wouldn't that be something? For more information please visit Freedom Movement USA. The next rally will be on February 15 in Morris Illinois.

Here are some more pictures from the rally in Crete for you to enjoy. Thank you again to Brandon Harris for organizing these rallies. 

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