1-Million Immigrants from Muslims countries admitted during Obama's Presidency

Immigration stands as Obama's most glaring failure | PBS NewsHour

The Obama Administration is on track to issue 1 million green cards to immigrants from countries where Muslims are in the majority, according to an analysis of Department of Homeland Security data released Friday.
According to the DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, green cards were issued to 832,014 people from Muslim-majority countries in the first six fiscal years of the Obama administration, from fiscal years 2009-2014, the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest report shows.
In addition, the numbers of green cards increased dramatically in the last two fiscal years of the report, for 2013 and 2014. The records show that 117,423 green cards were issued in fiscal year 2013, compared to 148,810 in fiscal year 2014, for an increase of nearly 27 percent.
The reports show that in the first six fiscal years President Barack has held office, the United States issued green cards to an average of 138,669 migrants from Muslim-majority countries every year, and if the trends continue, the United States will have issued green cards to at least 1.1 million migrants from such countries by the time Obama leaves office in January.
According to census data published by the Center for Immigration Studies in September, Muslims make up the fastest-growing group of immigrants. The foreign-born population of the United States hit a record high of 42.4 million in July 2014.
According to Friday’s report, the 832,014 green cards issued so far do not include temporary nonimmigrant visas for people coming in to simply work, or for people overstaying their admission periods.
The green card totals from Muslim countries for fiscal years 2009-2014 are:
Pakistan, 102,000
Iraq, 102,000
Bangladesh, 90,000
Iran, 85,000
Egypt, 56,000
Somalia, 37,000
Uzbekistan, 30,000
Turkey, 26,000
Morocco, 25,000
Jordan , 25,000
Albania, 24,000
Afghanistan, 21,000
Lebanon, 20,000
Yemen, 20,000
Syria, 18,000
Indonesia, 17,000
Sierra Leone, 12,000
Guinea, 9,000
Saudi Arabia, 9,000
Senegal, 8,000
Algeria, 8,000
Kazakhstan, 8,000
Kuwait, 6,000
Gambia, 6,000
United Arab Emirates, 5,000
Azerbaijan, 4,000
Mali, 4,000
Burkina Faso, 3,000
Kyrgyzstan, 3,000
Kosovo, 3,000
Mauritania, 3,000
Tunisia, 2,000
Tajikistan, 2,000
Libya, 2,000
Turkmenistan, 1,000
Qatar, 1,000
Chad, 1,000

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