Actor John calls for coupe against Trump, says President must be 'Eradicated by any mean'

It seems that Hollywood progressives have graduated from being completely unhinged and are now certifiably insane with their hatred of President Trump. On Tuesday, actor John Cusack called for a coup against the president on Twitter and issued what looks like a thinly-veiled threat, saying Trump must be “eradicated by any means…”
He started by promoting the false claim that the Trump administration is putting illegal immigrant children in cages.
There has always been two tracts the political and legal – mueller on it-
Political track -gotta vote out the death kult (sic) and every single enabler –
And We gotta shut down trump – scare the s**t out of them – get children out of cages,” he tweeted.
By the way, that was Obama who put kids in cages, not Trump…
He continued: “U N Trump is violating human rights – with this fiasco of our souther border – viciously taking children away from their parents for seeking asylum -”
He then referred to Trump as a “fascist” and issued his threat: “CELEBRITY FASCIST
A disease to be eradicated by any means, an ultra-corrupted state of mind : the fascist believes money & status will always allow him to get away with being an asshole and a criminal. And thus children get locked up in kennels at wall mart –
Hit the streets”
He added: “IMPEACHMENT – Something you should demand if your president is a dangerous uncontrollable criminal asshole who puts children in kennels at Wall Marts-
Hit the streets”
By the way, Cusack, being the brave keyboard warrior that he thinks he is, blocked us from viewing his Twitter feed.
Apparently, he can dish it out but can’t handle the criticism.
Many dem will say. it is fake but no it is legit and still if you have doubt. search on google the Headline of article and you will find millions articles on this topic. 
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