Biden connected charitable organizations now refusing to disclose sources of funding


     freebeacon reports: When Joe Biden announced he was opening a foreign policy center at the University of Pennsylvania, the goals for the project were ambitious. At its founding in 2018, Biden described the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement as "a place where policymakers here and abroad will know they can be in touch with some of the best minds." The center is one of several organizations Biden founded since leaving the White House in 2017, including the domestic policy-focused Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and the Biden Cancer Initiative, all launched in 2017.

All three entities have refused to reveal the sources of their funding, a potential landmine for the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee that raises questions about the influence of individual, corporate, and foreign donations on the presidential candidate. The lack of transparency has drawn the attention of a watchdog group that is now demanding that the federal government investigate whether foreign money has flowed to the Biden Center in Philadelphia.

The trouble that Joe Biden could be in keeps dripping out, as we are now finding out that Joe Biden connected charitable organizations are now refusing to disclose their sources of funding. Obviously this news of Biden connected charitable organizations now refusing to disclose their funding, you should only be curious if sources of funding for these Biden organizations involve places like China and Ukraine...Knowing that the Biden family have benefited financially from countries like China and Ukraine due to Biden using his position under Obama to enrich his family. These charitable organizations connected to Biden are covering up their sources of funding right as Biden is hit with trouble on two major fronts before election night...As in a Ukraine court has ruled Biden committed a crime against a fired Ukrainian prosecutor and Biden's race relations with Black America aren't the best right now.

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