Biden Plans to Move Social Security Eligibility Age to 75

It’s unknown why Democrats hate our senior citizens so much. After all, they are the greatest generation that built this country into the earthly paradise that it is today, with all the freedoms and benefits that every citizen now enjoys such as paid leave and healthcare.
The latest evidence of this comes from their proposal to “reform Social Security,” as they put it. However, simple reform is deceiving when describing what they propose to do. They don’t want to change the way we manage the funds or how they are delivered. Democrats just want to screw senior citizens and delay their retirement years and not just buy a couple of years either. No, the new policy is proposing to raise eligibility for Social Security by a decade, from the present 65 years old, to a whopping 75 years old.

Biden explained the proposal in an internal memo that has been leaked to us:
“Social Security is not sustainable. Either party will tell you this. Something radical has to be done, with the only other option being to just eliminate it.
There’s absolutely no reason why the elderly cannot work a little longer. None. Look at me. I’m still working. You don’t see me complaining about it like a whiny baby.
So they’ll work longer and they’ll do it with smiles on their faces or those old coots can live in the street. It’s time to suffer for the good of the economy!
Like me, Joe Biden. I’m running for President Of The United States Of America! I bet your hair smells great!”
You can now see how Democrats feel about their fellow Americans. No other party in the history of America has ever suggested sacrificing our seniors’ well-being for the good of the economy.

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