Gallup Ratings Show Trump In Position To Win Despite The Covid-19 Crisis

President Trump Departs White House For Ford Factory In Michigan

Reports that President Trump will lose the next election by a landslide appear to be odds with publicly available approval rating figures.
Believe it or not the President’s ratings are better than those of presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama at the same point in their first term, according to new data from polling company Gallup.

U.S. Economy Craters Under Lockdown

This comes even while the U.S. economy is cratering and companies are shedding millions of jobs each week. The unemployment rate hit 14.7% in April up from 4.4% the month before, which makes it the highest recorded rate of joblessness.
The Oxford Economics report that forecasts the landslide against Trump highlights the economic problems the U.S. is experiencing currently. In normal times the economy is everything for voters. When unfavorable changes in the economy occur, such as rising unemployment or inflation, then incumbents tend to get thrown out of office quickly.

Bad Times Don’t Appear to Hurt Trump’s Polling

Yes despite the dire state of the economy Trump’s latest approval rating is still at a robust 49% for the period May 1 -13, according to Gallup.
At the same time in their presidencies George W Bush and Barrack Obama both had approval ratings of 47%, which is slightly lower than Trump’s. Yet both those presidents went on to win a second term in office

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