Italy: Illegal Muslim migrant rapes pregnant coronavirus care nurse as she waits for bus after work

A pregnant Italian nurse raped by an illegal migrant in Italy

It is no secret that mass Muslim migration has brought numerous woes upon the European Union, prompting former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to declare that his efforts to stop suicidal immigration were about “saving Europe from Islam.” Last fall, after Italy reopened its ports, an illegal Tunisian migrant, who “had been deported from Italy, mocked populist leader Matteo Salvini after getting back into the country, saying he was glad Salvini was gone.” It was easy to see why.
Although the rape and abuse of women happen in every culture and in every country, no religion and no law other than Islam sanctions the inferiority of women and the sex slavery of disbelieving women.
The perpetrator in this case hails from Senegal, which is 96% Muslim.
“Pregnant coronavirus nurse raped by illegal migrant as she waited for bus outside rail station after shift in Italy,” by John Lockett, The Sun, May 8, 2020:
A PREGNANT nurse was raped by an illegal migrant as she headed home from the front line treating coronavirus patients, it’s reported.
The 48-year-old was targeted while waiting at a bus stop shortly after leaving work at around 3pm on Sunday afternoon in Naples, Italy.
She told La Repubblica: “He kept repeating ‘let me do what I want or I’ll kill you. Stand still and don’t scream’.

“He was double my size and all his weight was on my back.
“He got angry because my jeans were too tight and he couldn’t take them off.”
The woman works with those suffering from psychiatric trauma after being struck down by the killer virus.
During her horrific ordeal she said she saw a woman walking nearby and pleaded for help but believes her cries were not heard.
The sickening 45-minute attack happened at the Corso Arnaldo Lucci Metropark bus stop, just behind the city’s main rail station.
The nurse revealed she had been waiting an hour for her bus as the services have been drastically cut back in the wake of the outbreak.
She said her attacker – an illegal migrant from Senegal, according to La Repubblica – jumped over a fence and sprinted towards her.
Fearing she was about to be robbed she offered the man her purse but he then threw her to the ground and put his hand over her mouth….

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