Nancy Pelosi’s Approval Rating The Lowest In Congress At 15%

Democrats continue to work against the public interest. Their attempt to incorporate the abortion law and their interest in the stimulus bill showed that they paid the price
in all parts of the country, especially in the regions they represent, as voter rates are at their lowest levels and this leads to the suffering of the Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and amy klobuchar, for example.
The Pelosi County opinion in Alabama was polled as, its residents did not accept it because of its inability to help Americans weather the financial crisis. The poll, conducted by Dunning-Kruger and Associates 18% approved of her performance, while 80% disapproved, and 15% just didn’t care. A further 6% answered “Who is Nancy Pelosi”?
These results are not surprising results: through her dealings with Congress in this circumstance, Pelosi has moved away from every person in the country who wants to help the Americans. She is the best elizabeth warren said,
“She works for President Trump, so she has to do everything he says, for sure? This is how companies work, and we elected Trump, the first Republican for the 2016 presidential election, to run this country like business.
I have no idea about conditions in The future is where we are heading towards the 2020 presidential elections, which will define fierce competition between Democrats and Republicans. I did not know who will get the presidency in the elections. Do they look like 2020 or Trump 2020?

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