NYC: De Blasio threatened to close churches and synagogues permanently, but gives Muslims 500,000 meals for Ramadan

NYC: De Blasio threatened to close churches and synagogues ...

This is similar to what we see in Britain on a more or less daily basis: special treatment and special accommodations for Muslims. Britain is well on the way to establishing Muslims as a protected class with rights and privileges beyond those of ordinary citizens, and de Blasio has embarked on the same path. It seems to be a favored practice among Leftist politicians.
“NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to permanently close churches, but he’s giving Muslims half a million meals for Ramadan,” by Phil Shiver, The Blaze, April 24, 2020:
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday that the city will take steps to provide for its Muslim community amid the coronavirus by distributing “over half a million meals” during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
The 500,000 Halal meals will be distributed at 32 Department of Education buildings and other community organizations during Ramadan, Bloomberg News reported. Ramadan began Thursday evening and will end the evening of May 23.
“One of Ramadan’s most noble callings is to feed the hungry,” de Blasio said Thursday during a press briefing. “To remember to be there for those in need. And that is now harder than ever now that people can’t go to their mosques.”
“We all wish that the celebrations of Easter and Passover could have been so different,” de Blasio said during the briefing.
However, many Christian and Jewish New Yorkers may find that statement unsettling, given the mayor’s harsh warning for the faithful from those religions at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in the city.
You may remember that de Blasio threatened to permanently close churches and synagogues that dared gather together in violation of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s shelter-in-place order…

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