Pelosi’s $3 Trillion Bill Paves Way For Illegal Aliens. Do you support this?

Democrats continue to use the coronavirus pandemic to push their agenda.

The strongly debated topic of illegal immigration, and the rights of illegal immigrants on U.S. soil has been long standing.

Among other things, President Trump ran on the promise of strengthening our borders while removing individuals who were not citizens from within them. He has lived up to this promise although he has met push back from the left every step of the way.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) and her extreme leftists have decided to use their next proposed stimulus bill in their continued fight against President Trump’s attempt at removing illegal immigrants and making America safe again.

If one were to read Grace Seger’s article on CBS News entitled “What’s in the House Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill?” he/she would see a list of expenditures that some, if not many, Americans could support.

Of course the price tag of such a bill, in addition to the previous $2 trillion relief bill passed earlier in the year, is staggering. Members of the government are willing to open up the country’s checkbook at an alarming rate, but in a time of crisis, sometimes we must do what is not necessarily financially responsible.

The article highlights the potential strengths of the bill – hazard pay for front line workers (most notably those who work in health care), an extension for unemployment, funding for testing, and financial help to farmers.

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