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Presidents face moments of tragedies, crises, and disappointments, and this is embodied in the many sad events, the events of September 11, the Oklahoma bombing, and the shooting in Arizona during the era of President.
Barack Obama, despite the strength of Obama’s speeches and the major headlines he talks about in the way they were drafted. The United Nations agency helped him write these letters when There are sublime meanings in which to unify the country and achieve great social cohesion, and he has always been in his speeches and statements made at the White House calling and calling on all Americans to return side by side and intensifying efforts to move forward for the better.
his is Obama’s political project that was calling for In a permanent way and do not forget Barack Obama’s role in creating great social solidarity between Americans and creating equal opportunities between black and white skinned people, and this is calculated by the former President of the United States of America, which made him gain a good reputation among the political circles in the world, as well as his creation of a policy of openness to all religions and all religions.

Likewise, among the peoples, and he is also credited with creating peace in some countries through his diplomacy and through positive communication, various components of society in the world it can be said that the political project of the former President of the United States of America Barack Obama is a successful project. Each large

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