POLL: Would You Vote For Ivanka Trump If She Ran For President in 2024?

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Ivanka Trump Is Sure She'll Be Fine Post-White House

Hillary Clinton attacks Ivanka Trump’s idea of ​​the presidential election in 2024.
Clinton made it clear that Ivanka has no experience and is in the right place and managing the affairs of the country, and for this reason she expressed her position that Americans would be fools to vote for Ivanka and what is the only resemblance to the current president means Trump .

ivanka Trump and her husband Kushner have a good relationship and great love that they may not consider contesting the elections due to family commitments and future projects. There is a lot of mystery about Ivanka’s political ambitions and political ideologies.
Do you think Ivanka deserves the highest position in the world? She participated in many international gatherings in India and Germany, also participated in many Arab and Asian summits in leading business and
Making friends with celebrities and bosses, that’s why Ivanka is poised for a female success with distinction after her father trump.

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