Report: Newsom Closing 200-Person Veteran’s Home After Budgeting $75 Million in Handouts to Illegal Aliens

Coronavirus: CA provides financial relief to undocumented workers

California has made it crystal clear where its priorities lie:
They lie with anyone that isn’t an American worker.
If you’re an illegal alien, they will roll out the red carpet for you.
If you’re an American – even one who fought for your country – you’ll not only get shafted, but you’ll get also get tossed out of your home.
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That’s right, Gavin Newsom is putting forth his new budget which includes closing a 200-person veteran’s home.
But amazingly enough, Gavin was able to find $75 million for illegal aliens…

Gavin Newsom reportedly wants to close a 200-resident veterans nursing home in a budget-cutting measure while at the same time enthusiastically handing out about $75 million in direct cash benefits to illegal aliens living in the state.
In an extreme example of questionable priorities to say the least, Newsom, a far-left Democrat who is enabled by a Democrat-controlled legislature, targeted the Veterans Home of California-Barstow for closure to save $2.6 million (or perhaps less) as the formerly Golden State faces a corona-virus-induced budget crisis.
For Democrats, illegal immigrants are among their primary constituencies, particularlyin California  where, as noted above, they essentially run a one-party dictatorship in state that could be the epicenter of voter fraud.
GOP Assemblyman Jay Obernolte says, however, that he will challenge the governor’s revised budget as it relates to the proposed shuttering of the San Bernardino County facility, the Victorville Daily Press reported.

You read this sort of stuff and you can’t help but think, isn’t this illegal to do?
How can you take people’s hard-earned tax dollars and then ignore American heroes and give it to people who broke the law?
I guess that’s what most California residents want…to ignore vets and support illegal aliens. That’s why they keep voting for these anti-American globalist monsters.

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