Roger Waters: Mike Pence, Pompeo ‘Will Kill Every Living Thing On This Planet’

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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters is once again airing his political grievances in over-the-top fashion. The 76-year-old rocker has accused Vice President Mike Pence  and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of being “villains” who will “kill every living thing on this planet.”
Waters made the far-fetched comments during a podcast interview with left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. The “Comfortably Numb” songwriter also extolled the virtues of socialism — the real “s” word, as he called it  — while also slamming American foreign policy and the current Israeli government.

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Roger Waters was discussing his rocky history with his former bandmates when he launched into a diatribe about Vice President Pence and Pompeo.
“There’s no heroes and villains, really, in any of this. You get to the real villains. Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence. Yeah. Those are real villains, because they’re going to kill us all if they get a chance,” Waters said. “They will kill every living thing on this planet. They will have a nuclear war with Russia or China if they get the chance.”
“It’s the Armageddon,” Moore chimed in. “We know who the villains are.”
During the interview, Waters also praised socialism as well as Britain’s state-funded health care system. “Socialism is great!” the musician said, calling it the real “s” word.
The musician insisted that he loves Americans, especially their work ethic, but has mixed feelings about the U.S.
“I have this real love-hate relationship with this great country and it is a great country,” he said. “And I love the people. At heart, the American people are such good people. It’s so shocking to see they’ve had their goodwill subverted by the propaganda they listen to everyday.”

In the past, Waters hasn’t just singled out Republicans and conservatives for harsh verbal treatment. He recently called Joe Biden a “fucking slime ball” and added that he can’t imagine Biden beating President Donald Trump in an election.

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