San Antonio City Council Passes Resolution Declaring “Chinese Virus” to be “Hate Speech”

San Antonio City Council has unanimously passed a resolution that declares the terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Flu Virus” to be hate speech.
President Trump and many of his supporters have used variations of both terms as a reminder that COVID-19 did indeed originate in China.
This prompted the media and leftists to claim Trump was being “racist” despite the fact that viruses are routinely named after their place of origin.
Now San Antonio City Council has officially declared such language to be “hate speech.”
“Resolution being voted on by San Antonio City Council this morning labels terms “Chinese Virus” and “Kung Fu Virus” as hate speech and “all persons are encouraged to report any such antisemitic, discriminatory or racist incidents to the proper authorities for investigation,” tweeted reporter Jaie Avila.
Apparently, a regular council meeting attendee called Jack Finger tried to speak against the resolution, but his mic was cut off.

Council Member Manny Pelaez said “hate speech is more dangerous than the virus itself,” despite the fact that the virus has killed over 76,000 Americans.
The resolution was passed unanimously. Expect similar versions of it to now be passed by councils across the country.

In taking such a stance, authorities are literally amplifying Chinese Communist Party propaganda, which has repeatedly cried “racism” when confronted with the fact that Beijing tried to cover-up the severity of coronavirus when it first emerged in Wuhan.

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