Saudi Imam claims women in US & Europe are oppressed by too much freedom

Saudi cleric says Islamic State and Saudi Arabia 'follow the same ...

Saudi Cleric Dr. Abd Al-'Aziz Al-Fawzan on TV explains why women should not have full rights and freedoms.

As you can see in the video below he says: "I don't think that any woman, throughout human history, has been as oppressed as the Western woman today – and they still claim that they have given her freedom. 

They took her out (of the home) in order to exploit her, to exploit her honor and dignity. Furthermore, in many countries, her salary is lower than the man's, but she works more than him. She does not get what she wants unless she sacrifices her honor, to her bosses or co-workers. How strange! Even though they have permissiveness there, and any man can satisfy his desires outside of marriage… he's not satisfied with ten or twenty. Any girl he sees, who has certain features, he wants. If she consents – fine. If not – he rapes her.

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