Ted Cruz Arrives For First Haircut In Months At Texas Salon After Owner Was Freed From Jail

Photo by Drew Angerer:Getty Images 8765678321

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz showed up at Salon A’ La Mode for a much-needed haircut Friday after the salon owner, Shelley Luther, was freed after being jailed for not complying with the social distancing restrictions.
“[Cruz] just arrived at Salon A’ La Mode in Dallas to get his 1st haircut in 3 months. Owner Shelley Luther was released from jail yesterday,” local news reporter Jack Fink tweeted.
The salon became a flash point recently amid coronavirus lockdown orders after owner Shelley Luther was jailed for refusing to apologize to a judge for keeping her salon open. 
She was freed Thursday and burst into tears as she left jail.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott decriminalized violating social distancing in an order this week.
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