Trump: Houses of Worship are Essential

A really important statement.

Here are President Trump's remarks from the kickoff to the Memorial Day commemorations which included the Rolling to Remember bikers.
Today, I just spoke to CDC.  We want our churches and our places of faith and worship; we want them to open.  And CDC is going to be — I believe today they’re going to be issuing a very strong recommendation.  And I’m going to be talking about that in a little while.  But they’re going to be opening up very soon.  We want our churches open.  We want our places of faith, synagogues — we want them open.  And that’s going to start happening.  I consider them essential, and that’s one of the things we’re saying.  We’re going to make that essential.
You know, they have places “essential” that aren’t essential, and they open.  And yet the churches aren’t allowed to open and the synagogues and — again, places of faith — mosques, places of faith.  So that’s going to — see that — you’re going to see that.
If the CDC actually goes ahead and issues guidelines declaring houses of worship to be essential, blue state and city bosses will no longer be able to claim that they're relying on CDC guidelines and will have to block the move by going with their own city and state health guidelines, despite the fact that these have failed miserably.
And the legal challenges against blue boss diktats are going to be even harder to overcome.

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