[VIDEO] Don Lemon Claims Michelle Obama “Prettier” and “More Accomplished” than Melania

Michelle Obama: Melania Trump doesn't want my help

Don Lemon is a weirdo.
His melodramatic rants, where he tries to seem more “real” and “raw” by putting on this strange “calm and cool” front are actually really creepy. He sounds like a jilted woman whose about to stab her ex in his sleep.
He’s at it again, and this time he’s accusing President Trump of being “obsessed” with Obama. The hilarious irony of that is that this has to be Don Lemon’s 1 millionth show on all-things “Trump.”

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During his “serial killer” rant, Lemon attacked Melania.
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The bitter little hysterical diva Don suggested that President Trump was jealous of Obama because his wife was more accomplished and prettier.
You know the left has run out of attacks when they stoop to these juvenile and silly levels.

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