VIDEO Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Says That Donald Trump Could Be The Greatest President In History .

Robert Kennedy Jr. on 'Controversial' Vaccines, Trump, and climate ...

With Robert f. At some point in his interview for CNN, Kennedy jr., the son of the late-Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy probably made the full surprise comment. Well, liberals are obviously going to be taken aback, that is a positive wager.

“Donald Trump might be the best record president if he wanted to be the next Teddy Roosevelt without any problems.” Is this a clean sign of admiration or what?

“Well, I suppose Donald Trump could be any president he likes, you know. He’s positive — he has this tremendous opportunity as he joins the office far less burdened by responsibility than any president in our history with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson, ” Kennedy persevered.

“And you understand, both of them, Jackson and trump came in, they were — humans were sickened, they were shocked when Jackson came in here and they thought it turned into the end of the world, so he became a — unless you were an American Indian, he became a very good president to defend the USA against the power of the corporation so definitely to democratize us in love.

“You know, I think he can do what he likes because he’s not really-he’s not bound by ideologies. He’s less constrained by politics than any president that we’ve possibly had this century.” “the other day he told Leonardo Dicaprio that he wanted to be the next Teddy Roosevelt, and he can do that without any trouble.

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